Saturday, December 19, 2009

Charlie, Snoopy and the Gang

You are looking at one of the most amazing things I have ever been witness to. I must say that I didn't believe that Opryland could pull off such incredible feats as the ICE! Charlie Brown Christmas. Two million pounds of ice make up this spectacular and mind-boggling sight. I don't think the pictures do it justice! And yes, the last picture is of the ice slides. I went down and was pleasantly surprised at the speed you pick up!

They also make you wear these funny blue jackets to keep warm. I was thinking as I got into mine that this was a bit ridiculous, didn't they know that in Nebraska freezing temps are the norm? But boy was I surprised how cold they kept it in there, about 8-10 degrees. My frosty fingers were worth it though, as every twist and rounding of a corner brought another adorable display into sight. I loved how the colors popped and each scene had the Charlie Brown Christmas Special piped over the sound system. I stopped and smiled as I listened to Linus' famous recitation of the Christmas story!

Much to my surprise the last turn brought you to the actual nativity scene carved out of clear ice. It was absolutely breathtaking. I rejoiced that there were still places in the U.S. that displayed such blatant Christmas praise.

If you're ever in Nashville this time of year, you must stop by! A truly special holiday treat!

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