Friday, August 13, 2010

I Might Have A Problem

Ever since the first Toy Story movie debuted my family and I have been slightly obsessed with the Planet Pizza aliens. "You have been chosen," is a regular phrase lobbed at one another and yes, in the exact alien-like voice of the movie. I know you're impressed.

So when I was shopping today I found the above box containing three aliens. I about hyperventilated. I speed dialed my Mom and asked where I could find a brown bag. But really it is just too perfect. I have never seen the characters in a size that they would actually be in real life! So I bought it, yes, don't act surprised.

I ALSO found a mini Lego set including the alien. I promptly purchased it and built it within two minutes of reaching home.

So that's it, I love cute, green, three-eyed aliens. I love them a lot.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A spur of the moment conversation prompted my big brother to send me this Be Happy bouquet. Little does he know that I got on the computer right away and sent him the exact same one. Hopefully a moose or bear doesn't come along and eat it or else! We both agree that we needed those amazing yellow smiley face mugs for our coffee in the morning. How cute is he? (The mug I mean, but my brother's pretty sweet too. ) Thanks Steve, for making my day. And for the message on the card, "Get ill foo!". You're the BEST!