Friday, August 13, 2010

I Might Have A Problem

Ever since the first Toy Story movie debuted my family and I have been slightly obsessed with the Planet Pizza aliens. "You have been chosen," is a regular phrase lobbed at one another and yes, in the exact alien-like voice of the movie. I know you're impressed.

So when I was shopping today I found the above box containing three aliens. I about hyperventilated. I speed dialed my Mom and asked where I could find a brown bag. But really it is just too perfect. I have never seen the characters in a size that they would actually be in real life! So I bought it, yes, don't act surprised.

I ALSO found a mini Lego set including the alien. I promptly purchased it and built it within two minutes of reaching home.

So that's it, I love cute, green, three-eyed aliens. I love them a lot.

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