Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Best Friend

It is a special day today. Why? Because it is my mother's birthday. She has been the constant in my life and the person I call my best friend. Anyone who meets her knows instantly the grace and spunk she emits into this sometimes mundane world. No one is able to resist her youthful charm or shoot-from-the-hip attitude and whenever I need anything, she is there. I hope that one day I can be just as truly incredible as she is. Love you bunches. And for your enjoyment Mom, a few of our finer moments.

~ "Oh! Another Walts."
~ "Give him the finger, the one with the ring!"
~ "You know that song?! La-la-la-dee-da-la!"
~ "Do you eat a banana everyday?"
~ "Then we got into our truck. Whhhaaaaatttttt?"
~ "Cowifornia! Oh, how I wuv it!"
~ "Don Jenver"
~ "You must be drinking from the fountain of youth!"


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lawd's House

I was extremely eager to attend church this sultry September morning. I donned one of my favorite church outfits and best pair of heels. I arrived right on time and squeezed into the pew next to a sweet elderly couple.

The choir was twice the size than last week and there was a string section to accompany the pipe organ. There is nothing I enjoy more than good music at a worship service. After the choir was done with one particularly pleasing piece a little kid enthusiastically yelled out “Yay!” into the silence. The congregation collectively guffawed at this. Nothing like a little humor in the Lawd’s house.

My only objection would be to the length of these Sunday services. Two hours. Straight. I kid you not. I am much more accustomed to a swift 45 minute service that I can set my watch to. Not in the South I am afraid. Although, after some debate on this, I decided it was kind of nice to spend more of my Sunday in worship. Why not? Besides, those kids can be pretty darn entertaining.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just the Beginning

What a whirlwind these past two weeks have been. Whenever someone asks me how long it has been since I relocated from the North I eagerly blurt out “just a week”. Then I make a face and correct myself, “actually, two”. How the time flies!

Each day presents new and grand experiences for me to discover. Yet, it is the small things that excite me the most. For example, I never knew I could enjoy a commute, but each time I hop in my Ford and drive to the lovely downtown I say a prayer of thanks.

The rolling hills of Tennessee are so exquisite with their blankets of green. This is not an overstatement. Trust me. I adore this adopted home.