Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lawd's House

I was extremely eager to attend church this sultry September morning. I donned one of my favorite church outfits and best pair of heels. I arrived right on time and squeezed into the pew next to a sweet elderly couple.

The choir was twice the size than last week and there was a string section to accompany the pipe organ. There is nothing I enjoy more than good music at a worship service. After the choir was done with one particularly pleasing piece a little kid enthusiastically yelled out “Yay!” into the silence. The congregation collectively guffawed at this. Nothing like a little humor in the Lawd’s house.

My only objection would be to the length of these Sunday services. Two hours. Straight. I kid you not. I am much more accustomed to a swift 45 minute service that I can set my watch to. Not in the South I am afraid. Although, after some debate on this, I decided it was kind of nice to spend more of my Sunday in worship. Why not? Besides, those kids can be pretty darn entertaining.

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