Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Best Friend

It is a special day today. Why? Because it is my mother's birthday. She has been the constant in my life and the person I call my best friend. Anyone who meets her knows instantly the grace and spunk she emits into this sometimes mundane world. No one is able to resist her youthful charm or shoot-from-the-hip attitude and whenever I need anything, she is there. I hope that one day I can be just as truly incredible as she is. Love you bunches. And for your enjoyment Mom, a few of our finer moments.

~ "Oh! Another Walts."
~ "Give him the finger, the one with the ring!"
~ "You know that song?! La-la-la-dee-da-la!"
~ "Do you eat a banana everyday?"
~ "Then we got into our truck. Whhhaaaaatttttt?"
~ "Cowifornia! Oh, how I wuv it!"
~ "Don Jenver"
~ "You must be drinking from the fountain of youth!"


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