Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love This Day

ALL this!! Oh my goodness, I feel so loved. I feel all those warm fuzzies and I have my family to thank. They are the most wonderful people in the world.

Yesterday, I arrived home to find a flower box and cookie bouquet! I have never received flowers in the mail. What an absolute treat! The Pro Flowers box contains everything you need to keep your flowers happy and they are packaged to withstand a nuclear blast. Serious ingenious protective measures were taken to make sure they arrive in perfect condition. The first batch of flowers were from my parents in the most lovely pastel colors. And those cookies! They are just too adorable for words and sooooo tasty too!

The day before those special deliveries came, the above care package from the parents came! I even waited to open it until today, just so "I had something special to open" on Sunday (thanks mom)! Inside I found Musselman's Lite Cinnamon Applesauce, Self and Prevention Magazines and of course, dark chocolate.

And finally, the red roses. My brother is a good man. He is so kind to think of his sister on Valentine's Day, he is the very best.

What a day, actually make that a weekend of love via mail and delivery services!

Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something On Life's To Do List

See the above? It's my Italian homework! I have always wanted to learn the language of my ethnicity. I found a local class here in town and now I am a few weeks into the lessons. It is so much fun to roll my r's and feel like my brain is expanding! Yay for learning!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mom's Place

Have I shared with you the fact that my mother is an excellent cook? She is. She makes some of the most amazing and satisfying dishes you can imagine. Whether it is risotto, lasagna or homemade pizza she creates masterpieces for the stomach. Over the years she has adapted her recipes to accommodate my brother and my slightly obsessive dietary concerns. I mean she makes pizza with a scant amount of Parmesan and tons of sauce, just the way I like it. All her recipes are made with whole wheat flour or pasta to make them as healthy and nutritious as possible.

The picture above showcases the haphazard way that each book has been used and then returned to its place. Nothing proper about it, just a real consequence of making magic in the kitchen. I remember my childhood days when my height limited my view to these books. I still get giddy when Mom pulls out the ancient cookie book and whips up some of my all time favorite snickerdoodles.

I hope one day I can have a place just like this for my cookbooks and that they will be arranged in the same loving, if not random way. Thanks Mom.