Monday, December 10, 2012

Colorado Weekend

This past weekend I had the adventure of jetting off to Colorado yet again. I find myself so excited to board the plane for the quick trip. Seeing those beautiful mountains always makes me sigh in appreciation. The classic Colorado blue sky didn't disappoint upon touch down either.
We were able to make it out to Winter Park on Saturday. We stopped for a much needed Starbucks break and the first flurries were floating down. So perfect with hot coffee in hand!
We made it after a slightly difficult drive. I love skiing, but the process to actually get to the lift line is usually pretty lengthy. After about 45 minutes, we were to the lift and bundled up heavily as the wind started to really pick up in intensity.
We managed a few runs, stopped for lunch at the top and did a few more runs before deciding that we liked our faces and should stop before they were windblown off.
It took about 5 hours before I warmed up again, but it was wonderful to get a little slope time in and some fresh mountain air. Thankful to be able to swish down a mountain!
The little town at the resort has been buildt adorably. I love the cobblestones, hanging lights and fire pits. I hope to go back and grab a cup of steaming hot chocolate and stroll the streets at night.