Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I wish I could be more dedicated. I would love to wake each day and write to you in this space, but somehow I am never able to do it. Oh, I will not stop trying, perhaps one day it will finally become a part of my routine. One day. Hopefully soon.

But onto other things. Like this picture that I wanted to share. It comes from the lovely place that is called Nebraska City. I insisted that Mom and I stop there when I was back home a couple weeks ago. It is a tradition that I treasure. There are a lot of traditions that I treasure. Like opening new pajamas every Christmas Eve and eating Peeps and Starburst jelly beans only on Easter Sunday. They are traditions, therefore they are not to be messed with.

So undoubtedly, we traveled to the place that Arbor Day got its start and did all the lovely autumn things I adore. This includes eating caramel apples (Mom was a pro, I need some practice), (or better yet, I will find a recipe for this treat that doesn't involve almost breaking a tooth), eating popcorn balls and of-course purchasing TWO apple pies. One for now and one to be placed in the freezer until Thanksgiving and not a moment before. Like I said, tradition.

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