Friday, January 11, 2013

A Little Bit of Colorado

 A little show-shoe fun on our day off from the slopes

He is a talented cross-country skier - such a difficult sport

Have you ever used the jumbo marshmallows to make a smore? Insane. So much gooey deliciousness.

Our ski trip this year was well, absolutely incredible. We ventured to Steamboat Springs, CO, a place that the majority of us had never been to. I'm not quite sure that I can put my finger on what made it so wonderful, but the pile of snow they had was part of it! I wish I could have snapped more photos of the crazy snow drifts that blanketed every surface, but alas, it was very, very cold and difficult to take my dslr out. We plan another trip soon, so I hope to capture the magic.

Happy Friday!

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