Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun With Dad

My dad came to visit me this past weekend and let me tell you about the blast that we had! We saw the Ryman Auditorium, The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Broadway honky tonks, Opryland and we even roadtripped all the way to Lynchburg to see how Jack Daniel's (Dad and my drink of choice) is produced. They actually drip the whiskey over about 10 feet of charcoal or "mellow" it. Crazy, Dad and I want to know who the heck came up with this process. See the tree above? It grows a black mold, typical of trees found near distilleries, that makes it look extra creepy with the steam bellowing from behind it.

It was so wonderful to show my dad my life here in the South. Now he can actually picture my day to day activities and know what I am talking about during our phone conversations!

Thanks dad, since I know you are a devoted reader, for making my Easter weekend, you're the best!

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