Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everything is Irie

Oh man, I did it again. I left you. I must apologize for my absenteeism for the past month. Leaving a job, finding and beginning a new one, taking a trip, celebrating a birthday and having family in town seemed to eat up my time. But I am back and ready for action!

Above are a few photos from my mom and my trip to Jamaica. What a extraordinary place. Every stereotypical thing you have heard about this place is true. Everyone really uses "Yeah mon" and dreadlocks and Rastafarian life permeates the island. It is beautiful, colorful and joyful and I hope one day to return.

P.S.- Karissa made my birthday with a gift certificate to Sweet CeCe's...from Nebraska! She even talked to CeCe herself just to arrange logistics. Isn't she the best? :)

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