Saturday, January 23, 2010

My New Best Friend

Who knew an inanimate object could become my best friend? Let me introduce you to it. It is my brand new perfect 13 inch MacBook. Isn't it a beaut? I had dreamed about this computer for quite some time while cursing my poor five year old Mac. He was good to me, amazing actually, but alas in the short life spans of computers I couldn't ignore the fact that his vitals were failing. I needed something brilliant to help me take back my technology life.

I actually teared up when I opened this gift. My brother, the clever individual that he is, wrapped it in a coffee maker box. For a good 15 seconds I was trying to understand why I needed an 8 cup coffee maker! Thanks for the ultimate surprise guys!

I need to reiterate how much of a blessing this Mac truly is. Now I whiz through creating blog updates and perusing the internet. I can Skype with the family at a touch of a button and don't even get me started on the iPhoto, iMovie and Photo Booth capabilities. All I can do is say thank you again. Thank you for my new best friend.

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